Benefits of GPS Tracking And Fleet Management Solutions

There are so many benefits to fleet tracking, it's often difficult to sort them down to just a few.Here are our top 5 benefits and our clients often remark how they accrued additional benefits after installing the system they never anticipated they would gain.

Lower fuel costs

When your drivers know their vehicles are being tracked constantly, there is less temptation to stray from their assigned routes. Your fuel costs become more predictable - and, lower - because your vehicles are sticking to their assigned routes instead of being used for personal errands away from the route.

Less employee overtime

Same as above; when drivers know they are being tracked on a given route and are expected to perform in a known time frame, they are not as likely to make false overtime claims,

Better staff productivity

overstay lunch hours, performing personal errands on company time, Idling, using your vehicle as a personal Taxi will all become things of the past increasing your revenue and reducing your costs.

The ability to locate your fleet instantly for quick reassignment

When you know the constant location of your fleet, you know which vehicles may be available for quick reassignment if a customer has an urgent need or the vehicle may be needed for another use, such as to take the place of a disabled vehicle.

Improved fleet maintenance

The non-obvious - but, still large - benefit of fleet tracking is the data which is collected and goes into the vehicle's log to help schedule vehicle maintenance. Better maintenance equals lower operating costs equals higher profit per vehicle along with reduced breakdown and off road time.

Our Software offers a variety of data gathering and reports which can be used by every part of your fleet management, from employee scheduling to vehicle maintenance to records for risk management

Your dispatcher can monitor the fleet directly on their desktop computer, or any other smart phone or mobile device you choose. In addition to your dispatcher keeping a close eye on things, you, as the senior manager can also access the information at will, always providing you with a snapshot at any given moment. You always have the ability to know where your vehicles are and where they are heading.