This section has been created so we can answer some common queries about our product and services. If there is a specific question you require to be answered that is not in the below list then please feel free to call or email us at any time through the contact page or contact your existing Absolute Sales executive who will be happy to assist you.

Q. Do I have to add staff to support this? Will it consume a lot of time for my managers to use?

No. You don’t need to add administrative or IT resources to use our software. Many customers report that even though their business grows, they can avoid hiring new staff, because day-to-day operations get more efficient.
We deliver business insight that helps manage performance without making you search for a needle in a haystack. Reports and alerts can be customized to be delivered via email to managers. The report frequency and content is customizable for what makes the most sense for your business. It won’t take long to spot opportunities for improvement.

Q. Do I have to download or install anything on my computers?

No. We are a Software as a Service – so all you have to do is go to the website, sign in with your username and password and you’re up and running. Our system works best with Google Chrome or Firefox faster browsers.

Q. Do we have to come to you for installation?

If you want to then the answer is yes. Alternatively we understand that you might not have time to come to us which can cause interruptions to your business. We can offer full installation at your business location using our mobile team any day of the week, even at weekends if necessary at no additional costs.

Q. How do I introduce this to my field employees? I don’t want them to think I don’t trust them.!

The key to introducing GPS to your staff is to be open, honest, and positive. Your team might feel a sense of big brother initially – but the reality is that their jobs will get easier. And the fact is you’re not tracking THEM, you’re tracking company property. Here’s how it will benefit them:
– You won’t be calling and interrupting them to find out where they are;
– They won’t get lost anymore if you choose to deploy Garmin units;
– You can send them messages through the Garmin – instead of calling their cell phones while they’re driving;
– Less windshield time = decreased safety risk;
– You can defend them with hard proof against things like speeding tickets, being accused of reckless driving, accidents, or customers who claim they didn’t show up, were late, or left early;
– When they need help, it’s easy for you to find the nearest driver with the right tools or skills to assist;
– If they’re going to be late – it’s easy for you to see that and call the customer to let them know, so they don’t have to deal with angry client

Q. How long does it take you to install the hardware device and accessories in my vehicle?

Vehicles come in all shapes and sizes from Motorcycles to Heavy trucks and our trained technicians have installed in most types and brands. Typically an installation takes around 45 minutes and depends on the features and connections requested by the client.

Q. How much does it cost to install? Are there set up fees?

Set up, installation, and training are included in your monthly fee. Charges are listed in the quotation given to you and there will be no hidden surprises like a lot of companies that will offer you a “cheap solution” now and charge for everything additionally later at higher values.

Q. What about system and software upgrades.Will there be additional charges for these?

That’s easy – when we develop new features or functionality, your account is automatically upgraded – and there are no extra fees.

Q. Will implementation slow down my business?

Not at all. We can come to your business or home location to install the units at your convenience so that you can avoid vehicle operational downtime and inconvenience. Training is provided personally by our qualified staff at your business location at your convenience or even online via team viewer or Skype, making scheduling flexible and convenient – with minimal disruption to your workday.