GPS Tracking Solutions For Logistics And Transport Companies

Many of our customers in the transportation industry use Absolute to lower the fleet usage cost and minimize the risk of theft and hijacking. Customers report big savings on fuel consumption, recovered vehicles and merchandise.

Absolute offers a virtually unlimited list of capabilities utilizing our advanced gps and fleet management hardware and software combinations. When it comes to our business, we offer our customers powerful resources and a recipe for success.

Business problems Logistics and Transportation companies solve with Absolute

1. Need to minimize the risk of vehicle theft and stolen merchandise

The problem with stolen merchandise and hijacked vehicles is increasing for many transportation companies. Profit margins can quickly be turned into big losses if a heavy truck is stolen.


With our hardware and software you can get SOS alarms from the driver. The alarms can be displayed in a web interface or sent by SMS and email to supervisors. When an incident occurs the real time position of the stolen vehicle can be forwarded to a security company or the police in a light weight mobile phone interface. Our software can also generate automatic alarms if a vehicle is leaving a pre defined area or if someone is tampering with the tracking device in the vehicle.

2. Need to lower the fleet usage costs

Fuel costs are increasing and it is expensive not to utilize the fleet and drivers optimally. Excessive speed is the largest single factor for increased fuel consumption. The simple solution for better fuel economy is to keep vehicle speed below 60 mph and eliminate all non-essential stops. A general rule of thumb for a heavy truck is that every mph increase above 50 mph reduces fuel mileage by 0.1 miles per Gallon.


We can create real time alarms if vehicles breach a maximum speed limit defined by company policy. You can also generate reports about the fuel consumption over time. With an accelerometer installed in the tracking device you can report on harsh acceleration and breaking. Our software can also identify actual live idle times and help to avoid non-essential stops. Alarms can be generated in real time and they can be sent as SMS, email or in usage reports.

3. Need to know when a transport will arrive

It is common for transportation companies to work under tight schedules to fully utilize the fleet. In scenarios where the end customers are expecting the delivery a given time a delay is frustrating and often connected with penalties for the transportation company. Regular customers for transport companies often require historical information about shipment arrivals, the time to load and the time to get to the destination.


A fleet manager utilizing our solutions can directly answer a calling customer about the location of a transport. The time of arrival can also be estimated more accurate. By uploading all regular customer addresses to our software as "points of interest" its possible to generate reports of when vehicles have visited a customer and how long time was used for loading. We can even provide read only limited access to your contracted customers enabling them to view the locations of your vehicles hence improving your customer satisfaction even more.

4. Need to assign the most suitable vehicle for new urgent transport

When a pick up has to be done right away it is important to assign a vehicle that is close and suitable for the job.


We can group vehicles in specific department catagories so that you quickly find the type of vehicle that can perform the job. The distance to the destination pick up point is displayed for all vehicles so it is an easy task to see what vehicle is best suited for the job. Future transport assignments can be scheduled for a driver that also can get a printed job schedule for each day.

In addition to this the standard features of the platform will be integrated into your solution for additional fleet and workforce control and to gain additional Return on your investment.

These features and reports can contain the following and we will set the system up to maximize the returns on your investment.

  • Detailed automated schedules that tell you when the vehicle is due for servicing
  • Driving with fare but fare meter off
  • Speeding offences
  • Idling ( wasting fuel )
  • Out of working hours usage
  • seat belt offences
  • Payroll cost reduction
  • With Can bus unit option you can monitor bad driving with passengers on board

The "Absolute" Advantage

Our Sophisticated yet user friendly platform gives you the tools to manage your fleet and achieve measurable results resulting in a fast Return on investment. Designed for reliability and easy implementation, the cloud-based solution gives you the information to efficiently manage your fleet and maximize your revenue.

  • Hybrid mapping powered by Google maps with real-time traffic
  • Vehicle routing and driving directions
  • Driver key identification is available for multi driver use vehicles
  • System updates are included when they are produced adding more features and savings to you
  • 12 month data retention is standard
  • Full Suite of business friendly reports and many real-time alerts
  • Automated report delivery by email and alerts by Email or SMS
  • 2-way dispatch and messaging
  • Full Maintenance facility so you get emails or SMS when your vehicles are due for servicing helping to reduce costs and improve reliability of your fleet

Our customers experience reduced overhead costs, including fuel, maintenance and insurance, as well as increased productivity with their fleet operations. Many customers advise us that they have noticed up to a 20-30% decrease in fuel costs and an increase in driver productivity by 45% .

GPS Fleet Tracking Benefits

Optimize Your Fleet Efficiency Through:

  • Optimized routing
  • Improved job validation
  • Enhanced customer service

Improve Your Fleet Operations By:

  • Reducing costs
  • Increasing profitability
  • Modifying / Improving driver behavior

Fleet Tracking Platform


View the location of a single vehicle or your entire fleet and immediately see their status (moving, stopped and stop duration). Quickly find addresses and dispatch the closest vehicles.

  • Street view enabled with Google map technology
  • Send jobs and messages to mobiles by clicking vehicle icon
  • Look up address, user-defined locations and zones
  • Layer user-defined zones and locations on top of map display
  • "Ping" vehicles for updates if needed between set intervals


Fleet managers and dispatchers can create and save multi-point routes and directions. Managers can then easily view and edit driving directions and send them directly to the driver.

  • Use a vehicle's current location, a previously saved location or generate a new route points
  • Organize route points in the order needed
  • View the route and directions
  • Create, name and save any number of customized routes
  • Send driving directions directly to the drivers using the additional Fleet Dispatch application

Reporting and Alerts

With a whole suite of reports and many real-time alerts set up to benefit you, managers gain greater visibility into their fleet operations. Set up alerts to be sent to you in real-time via email or access reports to benchmark and set long-term goals.

  • Generate reports on the fly within the Absolute platform
  • Automate email and SMS report delivery capability to key managers
Generate, print and email reports in multiple formats:
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Adobe PDF
  • CSV Text
  • HTML

Fleet Dispatch

Fleet Dispatch works with the Garmin navigation device to provide communication and dispatch capabilities between dispatchers and the field. Use Fleet Dispatch to provide daily itineraries to drivers, view real-time updates on the status of every job re-route vehicles to accommodate new service requests and deliver messages to your drivers. With Fleet Dispatch, you gain a clear understanding of where your fleet is and where it is going. Customers report a minimum 20% increase in driver productivity when using Fleet Dispatch.

Fleet Dispatch enables your drivers to:
  • Follow voice-guided directions
  • Create instant routes to new service requests
  • Change routes to avoid traffic
  • Take the most direct route
  • Message dispatchers about job status
  • Notify dispatchers when a destination is reached
  • Locate closest vehicle to an address
Geofencing and points of Interest (POI)

Notifications and real time alerts can be instantly generated and sent by Email or SMS in the event of vehicles leaving assigned or out of bounds Geofence areas.

All of your offices, branches or other company locations along with specific landmarks can easily be marked on the system as Points of Interest. Using POI can generate alerts and notifications and many other detailed benefit reports such as staff time on site or collection/delivery sites missed.

Fleet Mobile Application

Our detailed Mobile solution puts the power of fleet management in the palm of your hand. It delivers real-time GPS tracking data to tablets, PDAs and smart phones. Imagine the ability to track the location and performance of every vehicle in your fleet, anywhere and anytime. Our Fleet Mobile solution provides convenient 24/7 access to key data and sends alerts, including speeding violations, idling and unauthorized vehicle use to name just a few. Just download the App, log in using your existing credentials and start receiving data immediately while you are out and about.

Fleet Mobile enables your drivers to:
  • Find your vehicles
  • View their status
  • Manage fuel purchases
  • Search for an address

Locate closest vehicle to an address