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GPS Tracking is one of the few electronic implementation systems that will significantly save your business money over time.

Determining Current Costs and Potential Savings

When it comes to calculating potential savings, you need to start with your current expenses. Typically, companies can establish a return based on just two primary expenses:

  • Fuel costs
  • Payroll costs

These are critical expense numbers, and are also places where vehicle tracking systems have shown a proven impact. Focusing in on just these two expenses helps in a variety of ways:

  • Companies can usually quantify these expenses easily.
  • These two expenses are usually pretty substantial, creating good leverage for the calculation.
  • By eliminating the noise of "soft benefits" that are more speculative or preventative in nature, the calculated return should be conservative.

If you cant achieve a positive ROI using just these two factors, you will probably not be able to justify the investment in vehicle tracking

Fuel Costs and Savings

Using a GPS vehicle tracking system is a proven way to decrease overall mileage by eliminating unauthorized travel and improving daily routing.

Features like speeding reports and alerts, along with idling alerts also help reduce these fuel wasting behaviors that can add up quickly for any fleet.

Understand your current costs:

To determine how much your company could save, first start with your current fuel costs. You may use a fuel card system report or tally gas receipts to understand what your monthly gas costs are for your fleet. If you have those numbers available,

Use this chart to give yourself a comparison

Category Before Implementation 30 Days After 60 Days After 90 Days After
Monthly fuel bill        
Monthly payroll cost        
No. of jobs per day, per driver        
Miles driven per month        
Monthly revenue        
Monthly volume        
Customer Satisfaction rate, 1 - 10 Points